Field Trips

Experienced birders and beginners are welcome on all of our field trips. Experienced birders will lead each trip to help you learn where to find and how to identify an exciting variety of bird species. Several trips are planned for each month. Some are local and usually last two to three hours, while others going farther away may be day long trips or even overnighters. They are always a good way to hone your skills and enjoy the company of other birders in the outdoors.

For more information about a field trip or to volunteer to lead a trip please contact our Field Trip organizer, Gabriel Mapel, [email protected] 540-363-5035.

Special Note: Most trips require early departure times that will allow us to reach our destinations to observe the birds when they are most active during the early morning hours.

Please note that we no longer copy a separate listing of upcoming field trips on this page.

Please see the current newsletter for field trips scheduled this month.

If you are interested in knowing where some of the field trips in the past have gone, then you can find most of the newsletters published since 2006, and some even earlier by clicking on newsletter archives.